4 producing oil wells for Sale

Posted by D.E.D. Inc. on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 in Items for Sale

South Central Texas
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D.E.D. Inc.

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This 4-well play involves the rehabilitation of the existing tanks, flow lines, upgrade electricity clean out the wells, run a cased hole log, drill lateral legs into the formation and putting a pumping unit on the wells.

The payback is estimated at 4 months. Our operating company has a verifiable record of success with the Texas Railroad commission.

ROI Our economic projections are based on $90.00 per barrel for oil, 7.1% of revenue for taxes and $500 per well for operating cost. Based on production levels of 20 BOPD per well Domestic Energy Development would estimate an annual income of $668,220.00 to the 50% partner. After considering estimated tax investment benefits our investor would experience a return on investment in 3 months or less.

For more information contact us at: doenergy1@aol.com

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