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Penspen awarded Project Management Services by Kuwait Gulf Oil Company for Gas and Condensate Export System

Posted by Penspen Ltd on Monday, March 19, 2012

Penspen awarded Project Management Services by Kuwait Gulf Oil Company for Gas and Condensate Export System

19 March 2012

The Penspen Group has been engaged by the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company to project manage the detailed design and construction of a new Gas & Condensate Export System (GCES) from Khafji in Saudi Arabia, on the Kuwait/Saudi Arabia border, to Kuwait. Penspen will manage EPC contractor Technip.

The project objective is to deliver condensate and gas product to Kuwait from Saudi Arabia, assist in reducing gas flaring, and recover valuable hydrocarbon resources.

The new export system will include:

  • Gas facilities carrying 40 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscfd) of gas via pipeline to Kuwait.
  • 110 kilometres of 12 inch diameter export pipeline, of which approximately 47 kilometre will be offshore.

Penspen will project manage the following:

  • Technip’s Detailed Design work
  • Technip’s procurement activities
  • The construction as undertaken by Technip and its sub contractors

Penspen will also assist with the commissioning of the final scheme.

Penspen’s Director of Contracting and Project Management Services, Chris Williams, said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this PMS contract by KGOC, with whom we have developed an excellent working relationship built-up over the last two years. We very much look forward to working on this export system as it gives us exciting opportunities to develop our PMS skills and experience in this project in Kuwait, building on our six years of work carried out on projects in Khafji itself.”



The Penspen Group

Penspen is an independent group of companies providing Studies, Engineering, Project Management, Operations, Maintenance and Integrity services to the Oil and Gas Industry, both Onshore and Offshore. The Penspen Group has more than 1500 staff working in over 15 offices globally and has undertaken well in excess of 8000 projects in a wide range of technical and geographical areas.
Penspen has no ownership ties with operators, contractors or suppliers and has offered a truly independent, best practice service to the global oil and gas industry for over 55 years.

Penspen has also developed an extensive range of training services, which cover every aspect of pipeline design, operation, maintenance and emergency response.


KGOC, a unit of Kuwait Petroleum Corp. operates in the Neutral Zone shared by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia through the Al-Khafji Joint Operations Co with Aramco Gulf Operations, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco.

For further information, please contact:

Laura Marsh
Corporate Communications Manager
Penspen Ltd
Tel: 0208 334 2815
Or visit:

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