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Peak launches SIM FloWell for Formation Damage Removal that Kick-Starts Well Productivity

Posted by Peak Well Systems on Monday, March 25, 2013

Specialist downhole tool provider, Peak Well Systems (“Peak”) announces a new addition to its proprietary SIM System range for well remediation and flow control. SIM FloWellTM is a slickline-set remedial technology capable of removing formation damage within selected downhole zones and thus improving well productivity.

SIM FloWell is designed to improve well productivity by being able to remove certain types of formation damage (e.g. crushed zones in perforation tunnels, tenacious filter cakes and scales) in both oil and gas wells that are wireline-perforated. The condition of the near-wellbore region is critical to the production of hydrocarbons, and the perforating process is one major contributor to skin damage. The severe compressive force of perforating can reduce the permeability of the surrounding rock, which in turn reduces productivity.

Like the rest of the products within the SIM System range, SIM FloWell is run, set and retrieved on slickline. Used in conjunction with Peak’s SIM Plug Systems to provide selective isolation of the zone to be treated, SIM FloWell induces a sudden pressure drawdown in a wellbore, and hence causes a surge of fluid inflow from the reservoir.

Commenting on the introduction of SIM FloWell, Tim Williams, Business Development Director for Peak Well Systems, said: “SIM FloWell has been designed specifically for deployment in monobore oil and gas wells that are wireline-perforated. We anticipate that, given the uptake of our SIM System technology by the largest multi-national operators, the SIM FloWell will also be very well received.”

All SIM System products are mechanically set, providing operational flexibility and safety. As a consequence of being run on slickline, it offers operators a cost effective and low risk intervention method to clean-up wellbore damage whilst conducting routine slickline operations.

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