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Opinion & Commentary

Speculators' oil inventories at record 5 days of world demand

Every oil trader has known the feeling. You've done your sums, talked to everyone, and decided the market is going to be short of product. So you start buying discreetly, building up inventory to sell in the future at higher prices. But then the messages from other traders start coming: ''What would you bid for my volu...

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Oil price, Sundry-Pacific Rubiales-BP/Halliburton-BPC-Range-Andes Energia- And finally...

Oil price Plenty to talk about on the oil price this morning as oil and products held key support levels yesterday and kicked on, aided by the overnight API inventory stats and later the EIA numbers. They showed that crude stocks fell by 2.7m barrels, higher than analysts forecasts of 730/- whilst in gasoline, invento...

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Oil price, Faroe, Sound, Sundry-Gulfsands-Gulf Keystone- And finally...

Oil price Another bad day in the crude markets yesterday as a combination of continued dollar strength, absorption of Saudi export numbers and profit taking in WTI as the June contract expired. Indeed volumes of the next month July contract were noticeably higher than usual as traders saw more than usual rolling over ...

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Now Is the Time to Own the Oil & Gas Leaders

U.S. shale oil producers have responded to the oil price collapse so quickly, and with such discipline, that they've shown they are able to turn production on and off as if with a light switch. As Keith Schaefer tells The Energy Report, that means it's time to be nimble, and to keep small positions until oil finds a st...

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Oil price, Falklands-Premier/RKH/FOGL, Chariot, San Leon, Sundry-Far-Northern-Aminex- And finally...

Oil price Oil prices drifted yesterday as the dollar rallied, international growth appears sluggish despite lower oil prices and the Saudi's exported more in March, 7.898m barrels the highest since 2005. Retail gasoline trades up again, it is now $2.74 a gallon which is up another 5.3 cents on the week and now less tha...

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Conformance control for clever clogs

What do I mean by conformance control, well it's just a fancy engineering term for producing, or injecting, more of what you want and less of what you don't want. In the oilfield we use the word to indicate that we have done something to the downhole configuration to direct fluids where we want them to go. We have don...

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Oil price, Bahamas Petroleum, Sound Oil, Providence Resources, Primeline, And finally…

Oil price As we start the lead-up to the Opec meeting on June 5th the usual pre-meeting stories are doing the rounds as one might expect. On Friday the Venezuelan President announced that 'some sort of deal is being worked on' which is probably fair enough as it would be foolish of the 'have nots' not to have a plan B...

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