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Sales/Program Manager - Multi-Client Geophysical Services OV/WS/1309

Salary Base circa £80K (flexible) plus attractive compensation plan + benefits...   |   Sales / Marketing  |  UK - Surrey

Mechanical Valve Supervisor

Engineer - Maintenance  |  Iraq

Energy Business Development Manager

Commercial / Financial / Legal  |  Saudi Arabia, Jubail

Telecom Engineer - Design - OIL & GAS

Salary £8000 per month   |   Engineer - Design & Construction  |  United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Cost Engineer - Operator

Salary £8000 - £9000 per month + competitive   |   Engineer - General  |  Malaysia

Sourcing Specialist

Salary Competitive   |   Logistics / Procurement  |  USA, Texas, Houston

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Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Conventional Opportunities - Oil & Gas

Thursday, October 23, 2014 until Friday, October 24, 2014  |   Posted by Decision Strategies

Southwest Oil & Gas Awards Industry Summit

Thursday, October 23, 2014 until Thursday, October 23, 2014  |   Posted by Oil and Gas Awards

4th Annual Plant Shutdown & Turnaround Conference

Monday, October 27, 2014 until Wednesday, October 29, 2014  |   Posted by Fleming Gulf

Scotwork Negotiation Training Among Oil Industry

Monday, October 27, 2014 until Thursday, October 30, 2014  |   Posted by Scotwork

European Autumn Gas Conference 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 until Thursday, October 30, 2014  |   Posted by DMG Events

The Oil Trading and Logistics Africa Downstream Expo

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 until Thursday, October 30, 2014  |   Posted by Admiralty Resource Services

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Geostatistics for Geophysicists

Sunday, October 26, 2014 until Thursday, October 30, 2014  |   Posted by Geovariances

Environmental Management & Operational ImpactThis event has a discount code!

Monday, October 27, 2014 until Friday, October 31, 2014  |   Posted by School of Energy & Corporate Leadership

Bioenergy School: Feedstocks & Conversion Technologies (2 Modules)

Monday, October 27, 2014 until Friday, October 31, 2014  |   Posted by Green Power Academy

ARTIS Availability Assurance Workshop

Sunday, November 2, 2014 until Monday, November 3, 2014  |   Posted by SecuoS

The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in London

Monday, November 3, 2014 until Wednesday, November 5, 2014  |   Posted by Warren Business Consulting

Bancassurance: Global Best Practice & StrategiesThis event has a discount code!

Monday, November 3, 2014 until Tuesday, November 4, 2014  |   Posted by 360 International Limited

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Oil price, Total, Ophir, Madagascar, Lamprell, Northern, Sundry-BP-Egdon-Xcite-Faroe, And finally...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oil price All eyes were on the Chinese data overnight and there was relief that they weren't bad, in the end slightly beating the whisper at 7.3%. Forecasts had centred around 7.2% after last figs of 7.5% but overall not too bad. The oil stats were actually better than economists had predicted with oil demand up 6.2% to 10.3m b/d which I am sure will include a degree of stock build. Retail gasoline prices in the USA are beginning to show the advantage of the lower crude realisations with gasoline falling sharply again this week. At $3.12 a gallon the price is down 9 cents on the week and is 24 cents a gallon less tha... Read more

A fly on the wall at OPEC's November 27th meeting

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The next meeting of OPEC ministers is scheduled to take place November 27, 2014 in Vienna. It is not going to be business as usual. The stated purpose of the meeting is to set production policies for 2015. But we all know what the members will be discussing over tea or something stronger. “How do we get this problem under control?” A cartel is a group of companies or, in this case, countries who engage in collusion to limit or control the market price of a product. In many countries this behavior is illegal and those guilty of it are often stripped of their ‘ill-gotten gains’ in the form of fine... Read more

Oil price, President, Genel/SL/Serica, Egdon/Europa, Sundry-Range-Afren-Halliburton, And finally...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oil price There is a slightly better feel about the oil price this morning, US consumer sentiment appears better and it appears that China, as suggested here a number of times, has been buying for its strategic reserves. Elsewhere the Khafji oilfield in the Saudi/Kuwait territory has seen a production halt due to 'environmental' reasons which takes about 300/- b/d off the market, thank goodness for very small blessings. Iran has said that they will 'take measures to stop oil prices falling' which is all very well and good but of little help in realité. The prices above are week end ones, the small r... Read more

Oil decline: Price makes the story

Monday, October 20, 2014

So oft in theologic wars, The disputants, I ween, Rail on in utter ignorance Of what each other mean, And prate about an Elephant Not one of them has seen! --The Blind Men and The Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe When the world's business editors sent their reporters canvassing to find out what is behind the recent plunge in the world oil price, they were doing what they do almost every day for every type of market: stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and real estate. In financial journalism more often it's the price that makes the story rather than the story that makes the price. If a story is about something v... Read more

Oil price, Schlumberger, Petrofac, Lamprell, Pantheon, Aminex and finally...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Oil price I think at the moment we shall call this day, short closing Friday as the market has got used to ‘taking out a Rupert’ during the week and covering the position on Friday to ensure they aren’t left exposed over the weekend. There is nothing much to add this morning on the oil price front, the EIA stats showed a build of 8.9m barrels of crude against the whisper of 2.6 which was in line with the API stats. Gasoline drew 4m barrels which was a bit more than yesterdays number and stocks there are at a two year low. The EIA also reported that Japan continues to import record volumes of LNG, the ... Read more

Tech Talk - Pessimistic Talk in a time of surplus

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The oil markets are concerned that there is too much oil currently available on the market, and that, as a consequence, oil prices may continue to tumble. Saudi Arabia is reportedly telling Reuters that it is happy with prices that may fall as low as $80 a barrel. As I mentioned the other day, some of this has to do with market share, and the KSA increasing production, and thereby seeking to weaken the likelihood of investment in other places, in turn ensuring their share holds up, not just now, but also down the road. The effect on gas prices has been rapid, with prices in parts of Missouri down to $2.65 a gallon – ... Read more

Flash blog, Oil price, BG

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oil price- Brent expires... It must have felt like expiry as Brent and WTI took the biggest hit yesterday after the IEA report came out. Cutting 2014 demand forecast growth by 250/- b/d to 650/- was more than expected but they also concurred with other forecasters that Opec September production was up 415/- b/d at 30.66m b/d. Nothing new here but as I have been saying for ages this will continue in the short term and the Saudis are rather enjoying it even though I don’t think it was a pre-ordained policy. As you know I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories about trying to force non-Opec crude off the marke... Read more

World War III: It's here and energy is largely behind it

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I've been advancing a thesis for several months with friends that World War III is now underway. It's just that it's not the war we thought it would be, that is, a confrontation between major powers with the possibility of a nuclear exchange. Instead, we are getting a set of low-intensity, on-again, off-again conflicts involving non-state actors (ISIS, Ukrainian rebels, Libyan insurgents) with confusing and in some cases nonexistent battle lines and rapidly shifting alliances such as the shift from fighting the Syrian regime to helping it indirectly by fighting ISIS, the regime's new foe. There is at least... Read more

Oil price, Afren, Aminex, Enteq, Ineos and finally...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oil price A short and sharp blog today as I am off to do a CEO interview with Rory Scott Russell of Range Resources, I will add to company news later if I glean more. The oil price remains persistently weak and will do if this perfect storm continues, everyday there is more oil on world markets and buyers are unsurprisingly holding off. Beware of becoming too complacent though as demand will pick up at the end of this month and although November will be a challenge things can change very quickly should any one of a number of levers be tweaked. Afren The situation at Afren as reported this morning is roughly as I sugges... Read more

Oil price, Sound Oil, Petrofac, Bahamas Petroleum, Sundry- Statoil-GDF Suez-Range Resources, And finally...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oil price The very slight rise as indicated by the prices above were, in reality, only some modest covering of short positions established during the week and this morning prices are around a dollar off. Almost all the news is unremittingly bearish and international markets are falling, the Dow is perched right on the support level and the 200 day moving average. News from the Middle East provides further dismay, the Saudis have apparently said that markets should ‘get used to lower prices’ whilst Iran and Iraq are cutting prices to buyers for November crude. In addition the icing on the cake was provided by t... Read more

De-marginalising small oil fields

Monday, October 13, 2014

In the run up to the Scottish referendum there was heated political debate over whether 15 billion, 24 billion or even more barrels of oil equivalent (boe) could still be extracted from the North Sea. It served only to highlight the wide-ranging uncertainty surrounding the total figure. Yet one assertion can be made with much more confidence. Whatever the extractable total turns out to be, over five billion barrels of oil equivalent contained in some 303 already known, but undeveloped fields across the UKCS could make a considerable contribution towards reaching that total. These are confirmed, appraised discoveries recor... Read more

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Oil price, Cairn, Amerisur, Sundry-BG-Circle-Jupiter-Petroceltic-Apache-BP-Faroe-EOG and finally...

by Malcolm Graham-Wood

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