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Oil price, Alkane Energy, Caza, Velocys,Sundry-IOG-Iona- And finally...

Oil price Whilst there may be blogs next week, subject to oil price shenanigans and company announcements I wouldnt hold your breath! The oil markets are very lacklustre and clearly positions are being closed off ahead of the Christmas holiday period. Both WTI and Brent had wild swings yesterday, WTI ranged $4.68 and...

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Why $75 is the right price for oil

Putin's Prayer A large number of oil pricing experts - taking this to mean the interaction of oil, finance and the global economy - would likely agree that $75 a barrel is a reasonable and sustainable price. One expert who might agree is Citigroup's Edward L. Morse, but I do not speak for him. For almost any m...

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Autumn Statement and Fiscal Review: immediate disappointment but story not all told?

George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement to the House of Commons on 3 December, and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander issued the Treasury's long awaited Fiscal Review on the UKCS tax regime soon afterwards. At a time when crude prices have plummeted from their June 2014 levels, and when it was cl...

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Oil price, Chariot, Aminex and finally...

Oil price A lot of economic stats today led by the Fed Monetary Policy this evening, apart from that the UK has unemployment data and the MPC minutes as well as a bunch of Euro numbers to inspire Super Mario. Also on numbers we had the API inventory data after hours last night, yet again the teenage scribblers exceede...

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Oil price, Gulf Keystone, Afren/Madagascar Oil, Sundry-Repsol-Chevron-Technip-RKH-Antrim/Sound- And finally...

Oil price Further weakness yesterday as the Chinese factory sector numbers contracted for the first time in seven months which was just what the oil bears needed. If you dont like falling through round numbers its not your morning as not only has WTI gone through $55 but Brent is below $60 this morning. Remember this ...

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Tech Talk - A gentle cough!

When I last wrote about the global supply of oil, it was back in October, as the fall in oil prices was developing. Since then the price has continued to fall, with prices now below $60 a barrel. I was doubtful back then that the price would fall as far as it has, and remain cynical that it will remain down for very lo...

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The high cost of low-priced oil

As a consumer of oil, you may regard recent sharp declines in the world oil price as a blessing. But... If you work in the oil industry, you will not. If you work in the renewable energy industry, you will not. If you work in the energy efficiency business, you will not. If you work to address climate change, you w...

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