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Opinion & Commentary

Oil Prices in Saudi Arabia Hitting Stability: Will it Continue Any Further?

Saudi Arabia's oil minister is going ballistic with claims of oil prices stabilizing in the kingdom. Obviously, it hasn't stemmed out of suddenness. The air has been buzzing with reports of prices stabilizing at a figure of $60 a barrel, since December last year. Goes without saying that seldom are the chances of supp...

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Getting exploration costs under control

The other day somebody asked me how I figured out what was the right level of spend on the various components of exploration costs and I reminded myself of the 'rule of thumb' that I learned somewhere in BP namely that of the total exploration spend: 50% should be on drilling 50% of the rest i.e. 25% should be on 'stud...

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Oil price, Sundry-Amec-Genel-Plexus- And finally...

Oil price Super fast and short blog today, I am off early to do TipTV then have a number of company meetings. The main reason for posting is that the oil price which performed well yesterday has gone up sharply overnight as the Saudis launch air strikes on the Yemen following the Presidents eviction and appeal for he...

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Oil price, Bowleven, Petroceltic, Plexus, Pantheon, Faroe, Sundry-Whiting-Linn Energy-Highlands Natural Resources- And finally...

Oil price No blog yesterday as I was reading the Plexus statements... actually out meeting some of my favourite companies to be expanded on in due course. The oil price is in a sort of limbo, dictated as I have already mentioned by the ups and downs of the greenback. Yesterday saw the usual mix of news, the API stats...

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Tax Relief for the North Sea Industry

Last week the Chancellor offered some relief to a North Sea industry suffering from high costs and low oil prices. He didn't do it out of the kindness of his heart but rather to keep new projects coming online and to make investment in old fields that bit more attractive. Some commentators were distinctly unimpressed ...

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Low Oil & Gas Prices Result in Major Asset Impairments Across the U.S.

Large impairments rocked many U.S. companies' income statements at year-end 2014. The major cause of most of these impairments was the fall in global commodity prices in the final quarter of the year. This is the conclusion of a study looking into asset impairments using the annual data of 72 U.S. oil and gas companies...

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Oil Supply Rising On Efficiency Gains, Govt Policy

For most of the time from 2009 until the end of H1 2014, understanding what was going on in petrochemicals markets was pretty easy. The price of oil was stable in the region of $100 a barrel and so upstream costs were very predictable. This meant that you only really had to focus on how many plants in any particular ...

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