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Opinion & Commentary

Oil price, Afren, President, Primeline, Bowleven, Sundry-BP-Circle- And finally...

Oil price Firstly apologies, my very short blog yesterday got lost to some addresses due to operator error, I was leaving early for a series of meetings. This meant that for some people the blog came twice, for others they will get two today! The main message from yesterday was on the retail US gasoline price update w...

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Cost Reduction Today, Now, in This Era!

Personally, I have had enough of 'doom and gloom'! So here's a wacky idea! Where the oil price goes from now - the price relative to this moment in time - is determined by the supply/demand balance. But what determines the absolute price? My argument would be that the whole price curve moves up and down in response ...

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Oil price, Sundry, And finally...

Oil price Very quick blog this morning as I am off to see several companies today, particularly its the Falklands Capital markets Day which I will be reporting on tomorrow. Brent took a bath yesterday as Libya announced that production had picked up sharply and it was now exporting over 400/- b/d, this is probably th...

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Why Value per Barrel is Such a Lousy Metric

Value per barrel is a completely hopeless way of putting a price on an oil company or project; but (as with democracy and political systems) unless you have all the detailed facts, numbers and sophisticated tax models it is still the best tool most investors have. The problems with the metric are legion. For a start, ...

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Oil price, Cairn, Afren, Petroceltic, VOG, Sundry-WoodMack-Salamander- And finally...

Oil price Friday saw further strength in the oil price on the last day of the month that was to prove one of the best in percentage terms for a long time. With WTI eventually putting in a 3% rise on the month and Brent an impressive 19.7% hike, things appear to be looking up but it could have been better as the Baker ...

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Oil price, Premier Oil, Sundry, And finally...

Oil price Its the last working day of the month and whilst for Brent its been quite good, up 13% over the period, for WTI it has not been so much fun, indeed at $48.17 it is flat, only three cents higher than at the beginning of the month. This has had its effect on the differential which you can see is nearly at $12,...

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Oil price crash update

In the fast moving oil market much of the fundamental data only becomes available for general consumption at least one month in arrears. But EIA oil price data and Baker Hughes rig counts are available weekly and with much action going on it is worthwhile updating. The price plunge seems to have reversed, at least for...

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