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Opinion & Commentary

Oil price, Chariot, Egdon, And finally...

Oil price Just how quiet it was in the market yesterday is reflected in the rare occurrence of a n/c in the Brent price. What might we see coming up in the crude market? Well its the expiry of the May WTI contract today which might show some rolling over and of course we have the API inventory stats tonight, consensus...

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OPEC hit as 'peak oil demand' arrives and US imports fall

Oil market traders have been having fun in recent weeks, as they have managed to create guaranteed price movements every week: US oil inventory data is published on Tuesday and Wednesday This gives traders the chance to push prices lower as the inventories continue to rise US oil rig data is published on Friday This c...

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Oil price, Petrofac, Halliburton, Kurdistan/Genel, Victoria Oil & Gas, And finally...

Oil price The oil price ended the week up, resuming the positive trend and keeping the bulls happy. Whilst I wouldnt want to rain on anyone's parade I feel that there will be some testing of the lower levels in the next few months. In the meantime the signs are quite positive, as I mentioned last week refiners have th...

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Have oil markets had enough of low prices?

Source: US EIA There is an interesting convergence in views by the global agencies that track oil supply and demand suggesting that US oil production is finally trending down in two of the biggest onshore tight oil plays at Bakken and Eagle Ford while global oil demand seems to be creeping up. The question is will th...

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What Iranian Supply Overhang?

Sometimes I really wonder how naïve people are. Everyone is expecting oil to flood onto the market if the US agrees a deal on the Iranian nuclear programme and eases sanctions on Iran. I read that Iran is storing 30 million barrels of oil at sea as sanctions keep a lid on sales. I am quite sure that Iran has 30 m...

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Oil price, Schlumberger, Northern Petroleum, Plexus, Sound Oil, And finally...

Oil price With the expiry of the May Brent contract on Wednesday the last 48 hours has seen quite a swing in prices, indeed at one stage yesterday it nearly reached $65 having been below $58 on Tuesday. Bulls were on the Twitter machine yesterday asking if I had changed my view that the oil price would test the lows b...

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Hedging Helps Canadian Oil & Gas Companies in Low Price Climate

Canadian oil and gas companies that hedged their oil production before the global oil price crash will be very relieved they did so. This CanOils study of 45 TSX-listed companies' Q4 2014 results (see note 1) shows that many Canadian companies made large realized hedging gains as the oil price fell to around $50 by yea...

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