The hydrocarbon case for the Orange River Basin

Tuesday, January 29, 2013      

We begin by considering why we need to establish the hydrocarbon case for the Orange River Basin.

To the north of the Walvis Ridge

both post- and pre-salt plays are proven from the Kwanza and Congo Basins, both offshore Angola, and the Santos and Campos Basins, both offshore Brazil, and northwards.

On the other hand, basins to the south of the Walvis Ridge are salt free and this leads to two questions

Are all the plays in the South Atlantic dependent on the presence of salt, and
If not, are there any sources, reservoirs or structures in the Orange Basin?

Our work demonstrates that the answer to the first question is No, and to the second question is Yes!

In fact, as illustrated below

the Orange River Basin is replete with plays and traps.

The presence of salt is not required for valid exploration plays along this margin. There are source, reservoir and structures present in pre-break up unconformity sequences and several sources, reservoir and structures present in post-break up unconformity sequences.

There is a large data base of existing new seismic data in this interesting, very underexplored and, potentially, very exciting area.

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