Pertamina sign 3 year master service agreement with Ikon Science

Thursday, July 4, 2013      
  • To date, rock physics and inversion work has been carried out by a small group of specialists at PERTAMINA.

IKON SCIENCE announce that a 3 year Master Service Agreement has been signed with PERTAMINA for Ikon's quantitative exploration software, RokDoc.

'We selected RokDoc, as the leading software for rock physics modelling and inversion tools to further advance our subsurface evaluations and characterize reservoirs with increasing accuracy.

To date, rock physics and inversion work has been carried out by a small group of specialists at PERTAMINA. Due to the ongoing success of this group, it has deemed appropriate encourage the practice of predicting geology from well and seismic data to other departments via mentorship, training, and far fewer restrictions on purchasing the necessary technology.' (Usman - Chief of Data & Geomatics - Upstream Technology Center - PT Pertamina (Persero) - Upstream Directorate)

David Flett, VP Ikon Science Asia Pacific commented 'We are delighted that PERTAMINA have embraced Ikon's technology and encourage it being implemented across various exploration teams. The roll-out will be facilitated via PERTAMINA's in-house experts and our own QI and support team based in the Ikon Science Jakarta office. RokDoc's inbuilt workflow manager supports customisable workflows and processes and guides new users through the necessary and optimal steps to ensure results are based on best practices. Further, the software will be accessible to all geoscientists via the RokDoc interconnector which enables any Petrel user to add elements of quantitative interpretation and rock physics methods to their standard exploration workflow.'

Usman concluded 'Using the latest technology is paramount to the PERTAMINA strategy to stay ahead and connected in the global exploration community'


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