Kosmos Energy announces further appraisal success at Enyenra oil field, offshore Ghana

Friday, March 16, 2012      
  • Pressure data from the well demonstrates that the oil is in static communication with the other wells, indicating a continuous oil column of approximately 600 meters (1,970 feet).

Kosmos Energy (NYSE: KOS) announced that the Enyenra-4A appraisal well, located in the Deepwater Tano Block offshore Ghana, has successfully encountered substantial light oil in multiple good quality reservoirs. Full analysis of well results, including wireline logs, fluid samples and reservoir pressures, indicate that the Enyenra-4A well encountered 32 meters (105 feet) of net oil pay.

The well is located approximately 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) south of the Enyenra-2A well and nearly 21 kilometers (13 miles) south of Enyenra-3A. Pressure data from the well demonstrates that the oil is in static communication with the other wells, indicating a continuous oil column of approximately 600 meters (1,970 feet).

Darrell McKenna, Chief Operating Officer, stated, "The Enyenra-4A well was a very positive result for Kosmos, as we confirmed a significant downdip extension of the field and encountered more net pay at this location than our pre drill expectations. We have now proved static communication in the reservoirs over 13 miles apart. Additional appraisal activities at the field will include the monitoring of pressure gauges, which have been deployed in multiple wells to determine dynamic communication. Success at Enyenra-4A further enhances the momentum behind our drive in submission of a plan of development."

The Ocean Olympia rig drilled Enyenra-4A to a total depth of 4,174 meters (13,695 feet) in water of 1,878 meters (6,160 feet). Prior to submitting a plan of development for the Tweneboa, Enyenra, and Ntomme project, which is expected in the third quarter of 2012, a drill stem test of the oil zone at the Ntomme-2A well on the Deepwater Tano Block will be performed. Injectivity tests are currently underway at Enyenra-4A to provide important information for the design of the water injection system.

Kosmos Energy currently holds an 18 percent interest in the Deepwater Tano Block offshore Ghana. The Company's partners include Tullow Oil plc (49.95 percent), Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (18 percent), Sabre Oil & Gas Holdings Ltd. (4.05 percent), and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (10 percent carried). Kosmos Energy recently exercised a right to acquire the interest of Sabre Oil & Gas Holdings Ltd. in the Deepwater Tano Block. After closing of the transaction, the Company's interest will increase to 22.05 percent.


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