Hardide Captures High Risk Chemical Process with ATEX Certified Digital Camera

Thursday, January 13, 2011      

Hardide Coatings, global developer of patented metal coatings for the oil industry, is using a new anti-hazard digital camera from CorDEX Instruments to capture chemical processes that have never been recorded before.

Hardide had struggled to find a camera robust enough to use in its high risk chemical tank areas, but was keen to be able to capture the process for product control and testing as well as training purposes.

The Centurion XP Dual is custom designed and ATEX certified for use in Zone 1 IIC T4 (explosive areas and vapour atmospheres). Encased in aluminium with an ultra-bright display protected by armoured glass, the XP Dual is custom designed for the harshest environments and can be used offshore without 'hot permits'.

Yorkshire headquartered CorDEX Instruments recently opened a base in Aberdeen and is building a reputation in the energy sector for its unique product range. It plans to launch more bespoke products during 2011 for use in hazardous areas.

Steve Guse, Operations Manager at Hardide Coatings said:
'We regularly use digital cameras to record processes for our clients and for internal use, but there are some parts of the factory that up until now have been 'no go' areas. A normal digital camera could create an electrical spark that would have disastrous effects in areas where we have chemical baths and stripping tanks. Not only did the Centurion XP Dual allow us for the first time to record images in these restricted areas, the design with large buttons and backlit display was ideal for use with the protective suits that our engineers have to wear.'

Oxfordshire based Hardide is the developer of advanced Tungsten Carbide based metal coatings that increase the life of critical metal parts operating in abrasive, erosive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments. The coatings are used globally in a diverse range of severe service applications for customers from oil industry multi-nationals such as Weatherford International, FMC Technologies and Expro Group to small, innovative engineering companies.
The Centurion XP Dual is now being successfully used by Hardide to photograph materials being treated in a highly aggressive acid etch tank which is corrosive and would destroy a normal camera. It is also being used at the stripping tank, where explosive hydrogen gas is produced. The Centurion XP Dual can store hundreds of images which can be transferred via a high speed USB.

Mr Guse added: 'There is an extremely corrosive atmosphere in parts of our treatment processes as well as the potential for splashes. The CorDEX Centurion digital camera survived this and produced crystal clear images, which is great for our records and to inform customers about the treatment of their components. The macro-lens attachments and strobe flash were also useful for close up shots.'

Marcus Halliday, General Manager said:
'Taking photographs in hazardous areas is challenging for many organisations and the Centurion XP Dual was invented in direct response to feedback from industry. We are delighted that Hardide Coatings has chosen the Centurion XP Dual to help inform its customers of the processes it uses. The design is as simple to use as every-day digital models, but is built to withstand the most challenging work environments.'


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