Global Petroleum announce interim financial report for the half-year ended 31 December 2011

Thursday, March 15, 2012      
  • The second Eagle Ford well in which Global has an interest (Tyler Ranch EFS #2H) commenced production in August 2011.
  • The combined average daily production rate of the nine (9) Leighton Olmos wells for the reporting period was a gross 1,095 boepd (436 bopd and 3,953 mcfgpd) with Global's beneficial interest (11.25% NRI) being 123 boepd.

Operating Results

During the six months ended 31 December 2011, the consolidated group recorded a profit after tax of $222,695 (six months ended 31 December 2010: loss of $839,737). This is a 126% increase compared to the previous corresponding period and is mainly attributable to several Leighton Project wells commencing production.

Consolidated revenue for the six month ended 31 December 2011 was $1,154,413 (six months ended 31 December 2010: revenue of $573,507). This represents an increase of 101% resulting from production commencing in the second Eagle Ford well and further wells commencing production in the Leighton Olmos area.

Board Changes

Mr Peter Hill, a highly respected energy industry executive, commenced as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in September 2011. Mr Ian Middlemas, a Non-Executive Director, and Mr Clint McGhie, a Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary, retired on 31 December 2011. On the same day, Mr Peter Dighton and Mr Damien Cronin, experienced consultants to the oil and gas sector, were appointed Non-Executive Directors of the Company. Mr Cronin was also appointed Company Secretary.

Principal Activities

Leighton Project

The second Eagle Ford well in which Global has an interest (Tyler Ranch EFS #2H) commenced production in August 2011.

Total production from the two Eagle Ford horizontal wells (Tyler Ranch EFS #1H and #2H) was 98,512 boe (84,654 bo and 83,147 mcfg) for the December Quarter or 1,071 boepd.

Global's beneficial interest (NRI) in the production is 5.95% or some 5,861 boe for the reporting period or 63.8 boepd.
Global has a 7.939% working interest in approximately 1,651 acres beneath the Olmos formation including the Eagle Ford Shale. Global's interest in the Leighton Project also includes a 15% working interest in approximately 873 acres from the surface down to the stratigraphic equivalent of the Olmos formation.The ninth Leighton Olmos well - Peeler #3 commenced production in August 2011.

Leighton Project (continued)

The combined average daily production rate of the nine (9) Leighton Olmos wells for the reporting period was a gross 1,095 boepd (436 bopd and 3,953 mcfgpd) with Global's beneficial interest (11.25% NRI) being 123 boepd.


The Company appointed Houston based Albrecht & Associates to seek buyers for its interest in the Olmos production wells and related leases which form part of the Leighton Project. The sale follows the lead of Texon, the major participant in the Leighton Project which also sought buyers for its Olmos assets.

The Company announced on 8 March 2012 that it completed a Purchase and sale Agreement with a US based purchaser, SV Resource Partners LLC. The Company's proceeds from the sale amount to US$2.8 million.

Eagle Ford

The Company announced on 27 February 2012 that it has also appointed Houston based Albrecht & Associates as well as RBS Morgans Limited to seek buyers for its interest in the Eagle Ford production wells and related leases which form part of the Leighton Project. The sale follows the lead of Texon, the major participant in the Leighton Project which is seeking buyers for its Eagle Ford assets. The buyer identification aspect of the sale process has commenced.

Acquisition of Jupiter Petroleum Limited

Final conditions precedent of the acquisition of Jupiter Petroleum Limited ("Jupiter") were satisfied in August 2011 following approval of the transaction by shareholders at a General Meeting on 19 August 2011, and settlement occurred on 26 August 2011, including issue of the consideration shares and reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with obtaining the licence and other reasonable costs.

The acquisition of Jupiter enables Global to participate in the prospective and active exploration province of offshore Namibia and other areas in Africa and position itself as an African focused oil and gas explorer.

Namibian Project

The Namibian Project consists of an 85% participating interest in Petroleum Exploration Licence Number 29 ("Licence") held by Jupiter (a 100% subsidiary of Global) covering Offshore Blocks 1910B and 2010A in the Republic of Namibia. The Licence, issued on 3 December 2010, covers 11,730 square kilometres and is located in offshore Namibia in water depths ranging from 1,200 meters to 3,000 meters.

Although only a few wells have been drilled in the area, they have established the presence of oil and gas-prone source rocks, good potential reservoirs and migrated hydrocarbons in the region, making this an attractive frontier play. It is believed that the regional basin or basins were formed in response to thermal subsidence following the rifting preceding the separation of Africa from South America.

Two leads had previously been identified in the licence area based on an examination of the limited historical data available.

During the reporting period, Global acquired and interpreted more than 2,000 kms of purchased 2D seismic data from the 1990s. This confirmed the presence of the two leads and revealed both their extent and configuration with much greater clarity. Global's share is 85% (net of 5% government royalty).

The interpretation of the 2D seismic has also confirmed the presence in Licence 0029 of several stratigraphic plays which could be of significant size.

A new seismic survey was shot during the accounting period using a longer cable than the old surveys and is of higher resolution. As well as better delineating the two structural leads and clarifying the extent of the stratigraphic plays, the new survey is expected to provide data in areas currently lacking seismic coverage.

Interpretation of the data from the 2D seismic survey is presently continuing. When interpretation is completed, a decision will be made on the carrying out of a 3D seismic survey to focus on areas of interest identified by the 2D results. The next weather window for seismic operations offshore Namibia will commence in September/October 2012.

Juan de Nova Project

Jupiter has a 30% interest in the Juan de Nova Est Permit ("Permit") which was issued by the French Government in December 2008. The Permit covers approximately 9,010 square kilometres and is situated to the east of the small island of Juan de Nova in the Mozambique Channel, immediately to the west of Madagascar.

The Permit lies within the exclusive economic zone surrounding Juan de Nova which is under French control.

Water depths range from 200 metres to approximately 1,500 metres, with at least half of the permit lying in shallow water on the continental shelf of the island of Madagascar. The shallow water shelf area is probably underlain by late Paleozic to early Mesozoic rocks, mainly sandstones and shales with interbedded volcanics, whilst the deeper water areas are probably underlain by younger rocks of late Mesozoic and Tertiary age, whose lithology is unknown.
No systematic petroleum exploration has taken place around Juan de Nova and this area is considered to be a frontier province.

Wessex Exploration PLC is the operator and 70% equity holder in the Permit. The current term of the Permit runs to 31 December 2013 with three phases of exploration and a production period of 25 years for any discovery made. The work obligations for the current term of the Permit include geologic studies, seismic acquisition and reprocessing and a commitment to drill one well with a contingency for a second well. The total financial commitment for this period is €27.92 million ($35.53 million) with Jupiter's share being €8.38 million ($10.66 million).

Wessex has engaged an agent to assist in finding a participant that is willing to earn into the Permit by funding exploration activities. Jupiter's interest in the Permit would be part of any farmout arrangement. Work continued during the reporting period, in conjunction with Wessex Exploration PLC, in identifying suitable parties to farm into the Permit

Preliminary work undertaken on the Permit to-date has included an assessment of available data and an extensive review of literature on the North Morondava Basin in which the permit lies.

Business Development

The Board continues to review opportunities for other acquisitions, joint ventures, or investments in the resources sector, which may enhance shareholder value. In this connection, the Board declined to participate in a further well in licence EA5 in Uganda (below). Following the sale of its Olmos and particularly its Eagle Ford interests, the Board expects to be in a strong financial position to fund future business development. The focus is expected to remain on Africa.


Uganda Project

Uganda Licence EA5 ("Licence EA5") is a 2,491 square kilometre licence area situated at the northern end of the Albertine Graben in northern Uganda. Global had an agreement with Neptune Petroleum (Uganda) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tower Resources PLC ("Tower"), whereby Global had a continuing option to participate in Licence EA5, while having no current obligation to contribute to ongoing expenditure.

Global participated in the first two wells drilled by Tower on Licence EA5. The first well did not encounter any producible reservoir sands. The apparent lack of reservoir did not justify further testing. The second well did not encounter oil. Electronic logging confirmed the absence of oil and gas.

Following the reporting period, and following discussions with Tower, Global announced on 6 January 2012 that it had chosen not to take up its option to participate in the third well planned on Licence EA5. On 23 February 2012, Tower announced that no significant hydrocarbon shows were encountered on the third well and that the well was being plugged and abandoned. The final exploration period ends on 26 March 2012.


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