American Energy Development Corp. engages Liolios Group to lead new investor relations program

Thursday, March 8, 2012      
  • As the initial stage of a multi-phase investor relations campaign, Liolios Group will help develop AED's corporate presentation and the investor relations section of its website.
  • AED has added 4,200 acres to its asset portfolio with the White-tail Prospect.

American Energy Development Corp. (AED) (OTCBB:AEDC) has engaged Liolios Group to lead a number of new investor relations and financial communications initiatives. Liolios Group will collaborate with management to refine the company's message and deliver it to the financial community in an effort to increase AED's visibility among equity analysts and institutional investors.

As the initial stage of a multi-phase investor relations campaign, Liolios Group will help develop AED's corporate presentation and the investor relations section of its website. Liolios Group will also help identify key performance metrics that investors and analysts should focus upon as they track the company's progress, and apply them in the production of press releases and quarterly earnings reports. Liolios Group will also schedule conference calls, road shows, and financial conferences for AED management, targeting key investors and influencers in the financial community.

Justin Vaicek, head of Liolios Group's new Natural Resources vertical, will oversee the IR campaign and help AED navigate the capital markets. Vaicek is a seasoned executive with more than 18 years of experience in senior level management, equity research, portfolio analysis, and investor relations across multiple industries, including energy and natural resources.

From 2005 and until joining Liolios Group, Vaicek served as senior vice president and equity analyst at Mont Pelerin Capital, a $100 million hedge fund focused on emerging growth equities. Vaicek previously served as vice president of equity research at Roth Capital Partners, also focusing on emerging growth opportunities. Vaicek helped raise more than $50 million in equity and debt financing for covered companies and ranked as a Wall Street Journal All-Star Analyst. He earlier held various equity research positions at CIBC World Markets and Wedbush Morgan Securities.

"We've been enjoying early success with AED's well drilling program on a 1,343 acre Dansville prospect in Ingham County, Michigan, with the first well in production," said Herold Ribsskog, president of AED. "This has generated the inaugural 1,000-barrel oil shipment and initiated AED's revenue growth stage."In February, the company announced it secured a $7.8 million equity financing agreement with an institutional investor, Metage Special Emerging Market Energy Ltd. "With this new contribution of working capital structured to support the next phase of our growth," continued Ribsskog, "we believe it's time for a team of experienced IR professionals like Liolios Group to help us address the capital markets and effectively communicate our story. Liolios Group has proven track record with NASDAQ and NYSE listed clients and the investment community, making them a unique and valuable asset. We plan to leverage Justin's expertise with emerging growth companies, as we look to build long-term, quality relationships with investors, analysts and institutions."

According to Vaicek: "Operating under strong, visionary management, American Energy Development is benefiting from new industry technology that is revolutionizing oil and gas extraction, and making it one of the nation's fastest growth sectors. With production from its first well under way, the company has entered a pivotal stage in its development, creating an attractive situation that deserves serious and timely consideration."

AED is primarily engaged in the development of underexplored onshore basins in the United Kingdom and Niagaran oil reefs. Historical records of the Niagaran reef production indicate recoverable reserves are in excess of 1.8 billion barrels of oil and 17 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Guided by a proprietary databank of more than 12,300 acres of 3D seismic data, AED has begun to plan its next two wells in the Dansville acreage. Both sites have been surveyed, bonded and received all required permits by the State of Michigan. AED has completed its permanent facility at the Dansville with the Brown #2-12 well now on production.

Additionally, AED has added 4,200 acres to its asset portfolio with the White-tail Prospect. From the initial seismic survey, five reefs have been identified on the White-tail Prospect. AED will now conduct a new 3D high resolution seismic survey to further define each reef prospect. The White-tail Prospect is found within the Northern Michigan region of the Niagaran reef, an area well established by Royal Dutch Shell, ExxonMobil, BP and consisting of over 2.5 million acres. Structures such as Chester 18A with 14 million recoverable barrels and Grant 13 field with 47 billion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas are all found within the region.

"In today's marketplace, companies like AED are increasingly competing for investor capital and mindshare, and the term 'Capital Markets Consulting' best describes our services," noted Vaicek. "Liolios Group provides AED a proven, well-established platform upon which they can rapidly and effectively engage key contacts in the investment community who will value this unique opportunity."

Led by team leaders with 12-15 years of experience in investor relations and capital market navigation, Liolios Group executives provide a gateway between clients and the investment community that can extend beyond traditional investor relations, including strategic advisory, IPO positioning, perception studies and transaction communication. These activities are followed up by quarterly progress reports and regular market evaluations that measure results against client goals and objectives. The reports provide invaluable insight into the effectiveness and reach of the proactive investor relations campaign.

"There are three integral parts to every successful Liolios Group client partnership," added Vaicek. "The right message, the right audience, and right execution. Our clients find that our successful execution of these three principles maximizes value for their shareholders, and this is what we intend to deliver for AED."


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