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Company: Shale Exploration, L.L.C.


About Shale Exploration
Shale Exploration (Shale) is an independent Oil and Gas Exploration company with a management team whose combined experience is over fifty years in the industry. Shale has focused its operations primarily in North Dakota and Montana.

Shale management has a proven track record developing and producing oil and gas prospects in every major oil and gas play in the United States.

Shale Exploration manages Independent Projects which constitute Multiple Project Areas. The primary project area featured on the Shale Exploration Website is one of our most promising prospects. Shale Exploration's Bakken-Three Forks, North East Montana Prospect is comparable to the most successful fields in the Williston Basin.


The Jayhawk Prospect has both good thickness of shale and high resistivity in the shale indicating oil generation in large volumes. In terms of both thickness and porosity, the sandstone at the Jayhawk Prospect is substantially superior to those in nearby producing fields.

The Jayhawk Prospect has the same thickness of dolomite as the proven Parshall Field, and more thickness than other fields in the basin. The Jayhawk prospect has an excellent natural mechanism to create additional fractures within it.

Enhanced hydraulic fractures techniques over the last few years have led to dramatically enhanced reserves in this play. Artificially-induced fractures connect with existing fractures and porosity to produce more oil. Yet with today’s technology, the recovery factor is thought to be at most 10% of the oil in place. Further technological advancements may produce much more oil. We believe Jayhawk Prospect can currently produce 2 million BO per square mile at a cost of $15/BO. We have currently assembled a large acreage position over the prospect and will begin drilling in the summer of 2012


Shale Exploration, L.L.C. uses state of the art technology in all vertical and horizontal completions. This includes fracturing, seismic 3D, our proprietary innovative seismic 4D, and geochemistry. Seismic 3D and 4D: The Corsair opportunity is unique in that it includes 3D and 4D data ownership, producing properties and drillable prospects at below market costs.


Dave Selvig (right), superintendent of schools for Scobey, Montana, and Sid Greehey, a fellow principal and majority shareholder of Shale Exploration LLC, make the oil and gas leasing company’s $130,000 donation to the Scobey School official with a handshake. To the left is Sam Tallis, president of Shale Exploration LLC. The donation will go toward the purchase of Apple iPads, shown in the photo, for every student enrolled for the 2012-13 school year.
— Photo Courtesy of Daniels County Leader
Visit our website [url=][/url] or [url=]ShaleExploration.Com[/url]

Contact Shale Explorationinfo@shaleexploration.comOffice: 406.487.2962Fort Worth, Texas Corporate Office 777 Main Street, Suite 3100 (31st Floor of Carter Burgess Building)Fort Worth, Texas 76102Montana Operations Office 102 3rd Avenue East Scobey, MT 59263San Antonio Texas Office 506 Sandau Rd, Ste. 100San Antonio, TX 78216

Job Role: Production

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777 Main Street, suite 3100
Montana Office: 102 3rd Avenue East Scobey, MT 59263
Fort Worth
United States

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