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Edition 25

oilvoice magazine Welcome to the 25th edition of the OilVoice Magazine.

It's incredible how fast time has flown by, just last month we celebrated the 2nd year anniversary of the OilVoice Magazine. We continue to deliver you the best Oil & Gas content in the industry, seen featured in our Opinion & Commentary section, and we'd like to thank our carefully selected authors for their contributions over the last couple of years. If you're interested to know more about seeing your articles featured on OilVoice, please get in touch.

This month we have great articles from Evaluate Energy, FTI Consulting, Wikborg Rein, Blank Rome LLP and Practicus. We'd also like to welcome back some of our regular authors, including Gail Tverberg, Kurt Cobb and Andrew McKillop.

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Twenty Fourth Edition
March, 2014
Why none of us can ignore the fate of North Sea oil
- Ghana's Jubilee oil field - stable or stagnating? - The only play on earth bigger than the Bakken
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Twenty Third Edition
February, 2014
Unlocking new insights in the Marcellus - Energy policy freeze frame in 1970s mould - Shell profit warning - the shock that wasn't
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Twenty Second Edition
January, 2014
What is the real cost of shale gas? - Insight: Costs are killing the North Sea! - The real oil extraction limit, and how it affects the downslope
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Twenty First Edition
December, 2013
LNG heading east - Iran nuclear disaster for overpriced oil - Shale Gas - A case of what we know and what we don't know
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Twentieth Edition
November, 2013
UK North Sea oil production decline - Geology beats technology: Shell shuts down oil shale pilot project - Did BP, Shell and Statoil and others fix oil prices and behave anti-competitively?
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Nineteenth Edition
October, 2013
Interview with Paul Edmunds, MD at Island GIS - Who are the foreign oil & gas companies in US shale plays? - Illinois Basin's New Albany Shale: The next big U.S. horizontal oil play?
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Eighteenth Edition
September, 2013
Big oil struggles in Q2 2013 - Of boiling frogs and oil prices - Can Saudi Arabia pump enough oil?
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Seventeenth Edition
August, 2013
The hunt for WMDs in the oil price process - Review: Saudi Arabia: On top, but not settling for it - Is a talent shortage set to hold back the LNG industry?
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Sixteenth Edition
July, 2013
Is there a refinery in Batam's future? - Poland's shale gas future going up in smoke? - High oil prices are starting to affect China and India
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Fifteenth Edition
June, 2013
Insight: Fragile AIM! - Fracking boom is doom for overpriced oil - Will the International Energy Agency's oil forecast be wrong again?
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Fourteenth Edition
May, 2013
Peak oil demand is already a huge problem - Shipping crude oil by rail: A victim of its own success? - After gold, oil comes next
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Thirteenth Edition
April, 2013
Why are oil prices falling? - Report: Oil and gas opportunities in Southern Africa - Lower highs: The real trajectory of U.S. oil production
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Twelfth Edition
March, 2013
Super majors feel the pinch in 2012 - The questionable logic of U.S. natural gas exports - E & P in Libya following the revolution
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Eleventh Edition
February, 2013
Will oil prices decline in 2013? - The four pillars supporting North Sea Oil & Gas in 2013 - Future global LNG flows and the realities of East African Gas
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Tenth Edition
January, 2013
Why Malthus got his forecast wrong - The one chart about oil's future everyone should see - The Montana Bakken oil play: 'Great news for a great play'
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Ninth Edition
December, 2012
Did oil decide the last three American elections? - LNG in Asia: Let the renegotiations begin
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Eighth Edition
November, 2012
Can shale oil & gas bring the U.S. energy independence? - Is there any oil offshore East Africa?
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Seventh Edition
October, 2012
Has OPEC misled us about the size of its oil reserves? Does it matter? - What does the Mars Lander tell us about our industry?
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Sixth Edition
September, 2012
The answer to the oil dilemma? Natural gas. - China's energy future sets more challenges for oil
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Fifth Edition
July, 2012
Beyond Thunderdome: The Oil Scarcity Story - Investing in oil: 5 Questions to ask company management - Floating LNG: The new revolution in offshore natural gas
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Fourth Edition
June, 2012
Understanding U.S. gasoline prices - How to ensure safer drilling - Significant changes taking place in U.S. Oil & Gas industry - Due diligence in the oil industry
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Third Edition
May, 2012
Oil money still pouring into Eagle Ford - Insight: Enhanced oil recovery for field life cycle - 'Waterless Fracking': Using LPG for greater oil & gas recovery - Ithaca Energy crashes down to earth as another AIM takeover falls through
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Second Edition
April, 2012
The big 6 challenges for an oil and gas translator - The Permian Basin Oil Play: 'Unleashed' - How exporting LNG could bring serious wealth to the U.S.
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First Edition
March, 2012
Fending off a sea of troubles - 2012 Budget pushes drilling to next level - Kenya hits oil - The Bakken success story
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