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Fifty Fifth Edition

October, 2016

oilvoice magazine Welcome to the Fifty Fifth edition of the OilVoice Magazine. This month we have another great line-up of content that shouldn't be missed.

Traffic on OilVoice continues to grow despite the downturn. The price of oil is certainly holding the industry's attention.

Some headlines this month;

  • One Hundred Years of Natural Gas? Not At These Prices
  • Victoria bans fracking, but leaves questions over gas supply
  • Energy in a world of uncertainty

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Fifty Fourth Edition

September, 2016

Threat to Oil Price Recovery Rises from the Seas? - An Updated Version of the 'Peak Oil' Story - Fracking's Future

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Fifty Third Edition

August, 2016

Oil heads back to $30/bbl and probably lower - Oil Prices Lower Forever? Hard Times In A Failing Global Economy - 2067: The end of the oil age

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Fifty Second Edition

July, 2016

Oil Prices: Beware Return Of The Financial Bears - Brexit and the energy equation - North Sea Oil and Gas - an industry averse to change

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Fifty First Edition

June, 2016

Morgan Stanley's Oil Prices Forecast is Wrong; Oil is Heading to $50 - Not a single FDP so far - Returning To Market Balance: How High Must Prices Be To Save The Oil Industry?

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Fiftieth Edition

May, 2016

OPEC dies in Qatar - The Next Big Fight in Oil If Prices Rise - Natural Gas Prices Should Double

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Forty Ninth Edition

April, 2016

Oil Prices Should Fall, Possibly Hard - Oil Prices: The Denial Persists - Crash in oil prices will hurt the U.S. economy from Texas to Wall Street

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Forty Eighth Edition

March, 2016

Dark predictions about North Sea oil look all too believable - How Saudi Arabia's grip on oil prices could bring Russia to its knees - These Numbers Show How High Oil Must Go-and Fast

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Forty Seventh Edition

February, 2016

Prepare for $10-$15/bbl oil as Iran, US return to the market - UK government must save North Sea oil and gas sector - Why do oil prices keep going down?

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Forty Sixth Edition

January, 2016

What 2016 Holds for The Oil & Gas Industry - How Far Can Costs Fall? - The Crude Oil Export Ban - What, Me Worry About Peak Oil?

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Forty Fifth Edition

December, 2015

Latest US Jobs Report Means Oil At $100 In Early 2017 - Why Oil Will Crash Again in 2016 - Oops! Low oil prices are related to a debt bubble

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Forty Forth Edition

November, 2015

Low Oil Prices - Why Worry? - Why I've Started Buying Oil Stocks Again - The trends that will keep the oil price below $60/B

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Forty Third Edition

October, 2015

It's Insane But Why Not? Oil Back at $100 By Christmas - The Top 100 Canadian Oil & Gas Companies - Fracking Apart the United Kingdom

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Forty Second Edition

September, 2015

OPEC's Gigantic Blunder - The oil price: how low is low? - Sunset for oil? You must be kidding, surely?

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Forty First Edition

August, 2015

The Iraqi-Kurd Oil agreement means dangerous political disagreement - Nine Reasons Why Low Oil Prices May 'Morph' Into Something Much Worse - Oil Price Crash of 2014 / 15 Update

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Fortieth Edition

July, 2015

Pump oil hard now or live to regret production cuts - Doing the maths on Horse Hill -
The Texas Natgas Massacre

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Thirty Ninth Edition

June, 2015

The Stock to Own if US Oil Production Stays Stronger for Longer - What if Oil Is the Best Investment of 2015? - U.S. Oil Market Update- Blame Canada!

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Thirty Eigth Edition

May, 2015

Oil Price Rally Built On Very Fragile Ground - Have oil markets had enough of low prices? - Putting the Real Story of Energy and the Economy Together

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Thirty Seventh Edition

April, 2015

Rebuilding Reputation: Why oil and gas firms need to look within - UK Heavy Oil: Recovery Factors - Tax Relief for the North Sea Industry

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Thirty Sixth Edition

March, 2015

Role of Wages of the Common Worker in Oil Prices, Collapse - Capital Costs in a Low Oil Price World - The six shale states and why supply growth will soon stop - Three Men in a Boat and Hot Air Exhibition?

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Thirty Fifth Edition

February, 2015

Hey Bo Didley, do you know this RIF? - Whither Oil Prices? - Up or down? An oil price view for 2015 - Free is the Way! - Oil price volatility - take the long term view and ride out the storm

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Thirty Forth Edition

January, 2015

New York's Fracking Ban Reveals Energy Hypocrisy - Oil producers commit mass suicide - Turnabout: OPEC shows U.S. oil producers who's boss - Ten reasons why a severe drop in oil prices is a problem

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Thirty Third Edition

December, 2014

What happened to $100 oil? - Is US oil production set to plummet? - The only oil price going UP in the world right now

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Thirty Second Edition

November, 2014

Oil decline: Price makes the story - Why oil exports are not like ice cream - World War III: It's here and energy is largely behind it

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Thirty First Edition

October, 2014

Recognizing the golden age of Texas oil and gas while we're in it - The Importance of Public Image to the Petroleum Industry - Yes or no? Implications for the UK Oil & Gas Industry

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Thirtieth Edition

September, 2014

Making sense of the US oil story - Is big oil gearing up for mega-mergers? - North Sea Oil and Scottish Independence: where does the truth lie?

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Twenty Ninth Edition

August, 2014

Kurdistan: the newest oil producer? - What if oil companies applied cybersecurity tactics to safety? - Marginal field development in the UKCS using innovative low cost solutions

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Twenty Eighth Edition

July, 2014

Iraq unrest tests U.S. 'energy independence' - MENA war fever and the Iraq oil price spike - Why the crisis in Iraq has the global oil industry on edge

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Twenty Seventh Edition

June, 2014

Stirring the pot: the North American energy revolution - Offshore regulators talk tough but are oil companies listening? - The great imaginary California oil boom: Over before it started

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Twenty Sixth Edition

May, 2014

The trouble with gas - Eight energy myths explained - Is drilling in the Gulf safer? Regulators beg for an answer

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Twenty Fifth Edition

April, 2014

US shale oil production costs on the rise - Oil & Gas Boom 2014: Happy 65th, Hydraulic Fracturing - Ukrainian crisis highlights political risk in long term gas sales

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Twenty Fourth Edition

March, 2014

Why none of us can ignore the fate of North Sea oil
- Ghana's Jubilee oil field - stable or stagnating? - The only play on earth bigger than the Bakken

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Twenty Third Edition

February, 2014

Unlocking new insights in the Marcellus - Energy policy freeze frame in 1970s mould - Shell profit warning - the shock that wasn't

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Twenty Second Edition

January, 2014

What is the real cost of shale gas? - Insight: Costs are killing the North Sea! - The real oil extraction limit, and how it affects the downslope

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Twenty First Edition

December, 2013

LNG heading east - Iran nuclear disaster for overpriced oil - Shale Gas - A case of what we know and what we don't know

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Twentieth Edition

November, 2013

UK North Sea oil production decline - Geology beats technology: Shell shuts down oil shale pilot project - Did BP, Shell and Statoil and others fix oil prices and behave anti-competitively?

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Nineteenth Edition

October, 2013

Interview with Paul Edmunds, MD at Island GIS - Who are the foreign oil & gas companies in US shale plays? - Illinois Basin's New Albany Shale: The next big U.S. horizontal oil play?

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Eighteenth Edition

September, 2013

Big oil struggles in Q2 2013 - Of boiling frogs and oil prices - Can Saudi Arabia pump enough oil?

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Seventeenth Edition

August, 2013

The hunt for WMDs in the oil price process - Review: Saudi Arabia: On top, but not settling for it - Is a talent shortage set to hold back the LNG industry?

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Sixteenth Edition

July, 2013

Is there a refinery in Batam's future? - Poland's shale gas future going up in smoke? - High oil prices are starting to affect China and India

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Fifteenth Edition

June, 2013

Insight: Fragile AIM! - Fracking boom is doom for overpriced oil - Will the International Energy Agency's oil forecast be wrong again?

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Fourteenth Edition

May, 2013

Peak oil demand is already a huge problem - Shipping crude oil by rail: A victim of its own success? - After gold, oil comes next

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Thirteenth Edition

April, 2013

Why are oil prices falling? - Report: Oil and gas opportunities in Southern Africa - Lower highs: The real trajectory of U.S. oil production

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Twelfth Edition

March, 2013

Super majors feel the pinch in 2012 - The questionable logic of U.S. natural gas exports - E & P in Libya following the revolution

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Eleventh Edition

February, 2013

Will oil prices decline in 2013? - The four pillars supporting North Sea Oil & Gas in 2013 - Future global LNG flows and the realities of East African Gas

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Tenth Edition

January, 2013

Why Malthus got his forecast wrong - The one chart about oil's future everyone should see - The Montana Bakken oil play: 'Great news for a great play'

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Ninth Edition

December, 2012

Did oil decide the last three American elections? - LNG in Asia: Let the renegotiations begin

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Eighth Edition

November, 2012

Can shale oil & gas bring the U.S. energy independence? - Is there any oil offshore East Africa?

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Seventh Edition

October, 2012

Has OPEC misled us about the size of its oil reserves? Does it matter? - What does the Mars Lander tell us about our industry?

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Sixth Edition

September, 2012

The answer to the oil dilemma? Natural gas. - China's energy future sets more challenges for oil

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Fifth Edition

July, 2012

Beyond Thunderdome: The Oil Scarcity Story - Investing in oil: 5 Questions to ask company management - Floating LNG: The new revolution in offshore natural gas

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Fourth Edition

June, 2012

Understanding U.S. gasoline prices - How to ensure safer drilling - Significant changes taking place in U.S. Oil & Gas industry - Due diligence in the oil industry

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Third Edition

May, 2012

Oil money still pouring into Eagle Ford - Insight: Enhanced oil recovery for field life cycle - 'Waterless Fracking': Using LPG for greater oil & gas recovery - Ithaca Energy crashes down to earth as another AIM takeover falls through

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Second Edition

April, 2012

The big 6 challenges for an oil and gas translator - The Permian Basin Oil Play: 'Unleashed' - How exporting LNG could bring serious wealth to the U.S.

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First Edition

March, 2012

Fending off a sea of troubles - 2012 Budget pushes drilling to next level - Kenya hits oil - The Bakken success story

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