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Your first 10 jobs per month are free to post on OilVoice. After that you may add jobs by purchasing credits, or by becoming a Recruitment Partner with us. Recruitment Partners enjoy unlimited job postings, and unlimited access to our CV database.

Every time a candidate applies you will receive an email with their details and a link to their full CV.


» Why are we different to other oil and gas job boards?
Your jobs will be listed along side all our other news and content, giving you unrivalled access to passive job seekers.

» How do I 'feature' a job to make it stand out?
You may purchase credits that you may spend on a job. This will pin your job to the top of the search listings, the side bar of the site and the top of the newsletter. It offers excellent value for money.

There are no catches, simply create a free OilVoice membership to get going right away.

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Uploading a job is simple via OilVoice. Or, you may also import jobs into OilVoice using these sites

  • Broadbean
  • idibu

When you add a job to OilVoice, we also automatically list it on all of our partner sites. This gives your job exposure across multiple job boards with no extra cost or effort.