Meet the team

Adam Marmaras LinkedIn

Adam Marmaras
Manager, Technical Director

Adam is the founding director of OilVoice. He got his start in the Oil business back in 2000 when he worked at Enterprise Oil in London. Adam has been developing websites for 15 years. As well as building OilVoice and Finding Petroleum, Adam has done private work for clients such as BHP Billiton. A self confessed web addict, he is on top of the latest internet trends and technologies.

James Allen LinkedIn

James Allen
Content Manager

James joined OilVoice in 2011 and set about keeping it up to date. James keeps the wheels turning here at OilVoice. We are inundated on a daily basis with press releases, jobs, media partnership offers and enquiries. James expertly juggles them all, and keeps the website fresh and relevant.

Mark Phillips LinkedIn

Mark Phillips
Head of Sales and Marketing

Mark joined OilVoice with over 14 years experience gained from the fiercely competitive sales environment of the UK’s financial services market. Mark believes in keeping lines of communication open and is very much concerned with the clients needs - always ask what the client truly wants and once you uncover that need then aim to meet or preferably exceed those requirements, thus extending crucial contacts to create leverage and secure the desired results.