University of Derby


This MSc will prepare you to be a general environmental health professional and give you a holistic perspective on environmental health and will broaden your thinking.

As you'll probably already be working in this sector the focus is really on further development, building and defining your career area.

One module will be based on your experiences in your real working environment. This will really build up your practical skills and relate your learning to your working role.

This programme is available as a full time or part time course and through on-campus or distance learning. If you study through distance learning, you'll need to attend University for short periods of time (about 10 days in total during the course). You can mix on-campus and distance learning modes depending on your work commitments.

As part of the MSc you must undertake a period of work based learning that is normally 48 weeks in duration. You can use the period of work based learning to inform and prepare for the Independent Study module and also to meet the professional requirements of both the CIEH and REHIS.

Part time students typically take two modules per semester for two years and undertake the placement module in parallel with the taught modules. The final aspect is the Independent Study (one year). Part time students are frequently but not exclusively employed as technical officers and may complete the placement during their normal work (although you must seek support from your authority to allow all areas to be adequately covered).

Full time students typically take four modules per semester and complete the placement immediately following the second semester of tuition (which normally runs April - April (September start) or January - January (January start). The final part of the course is an independent study (worth the equivalent of four modules). Please contact the Programme Leader for details of the fees. You'll be responsible for your own fees in respect of EHRB registration and both CIEH and REHIS professional exams and interview.

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