Interactive Net Mapping


Interactive Net Mapping Ltd is a privately owned company with a team of technical and commercial specialists in producing WebGIS solutions. With extensive industry and technical IT experience emphasis is placed on building and retaining the trust of our clients, and leveraging this reputation to grow our services and expand the business.

Our core business is the delivery of professional and cost-effective interactive WebGIS mapping services to the Private and Public Sector with the first product focussed at the Oil and Gas Upsteam industry or more commonly referred to as Exploration and Production (E&P).

Our competencies include:

  • Data management
  • Records management
  • Document management
  • IT technical application support
  • Website Back-end database programming
  • Website Design Graphics
  • Geospatial Translation

The company has extensive experience in both electronic and physical domains.

Interactive Net Mapping Ltd's experience base of delivering to industry leaders has developed our understanding of the information management practices and workflows of multi-disciplinary business teams and the functions that support them.

About Oilelefant

Oilelefant is:-

  • A WebGIS sofware application which permits the interactive database update of plotting Wells, 2D Seismic Lines, 3D Seismic Grids, Licences, Fields and Block outlines and associated details
  • A system that could be deployed on a company Website and for use on the Internet or alternatively through internal and controlled usage for Intranet and Extranet environments
  • A purpose built software application with associated database details that are linked to the geo-spatial components of wells, seismic (2D & 3D),licences, fields and blocks
  • A system, which has a progressive and evolutionary development path for ongoing functionality and with the facility to attach document records (reports, maps, images, scanned files)
  • A system, which has the ability to link multi-sites and information maintained at such sites (warehouses, filerooms, offices)
  • The database schema will be developed in a progressive and evolutionary way in accordance with industry standards for Production, Financial, Accounts and other information related to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production activities

Who can benefit from using 'oilelefant'?

The oilelefant system is ideally suited to:-

  • start-up oil companies
  • small independent oil companies operating with scattered wells and seismic in a number of countries
  • small state national companies wishing to attract inwards investment to their country to attract Oil & Gas Exploration & Production potential

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