InfoAsset specialises in the professional management of geotechnical assets and information.

They have a practical insight and expertise in the management of sub-surface data. Their team brings together a unique blend of in-depth understanding, experience and a proven ability to manage the most complex exploration data.

Strategically, their solutions help to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of companies, enabling key professionals across multiple disciplines to make informed business decisions with speed and confidence.

They have a worldwide presence and can integrate with the leading specialist solutions of their partner companies to add further value to corporate assets. Reservoir Group is an emerging global market leader in downhole tools, technologies and associated sub-surface services.

Headquartered in Aberdeen (Scotland), Reservoir Group provides the global oil and gas industry with exclusive drilling, completion and production technologies and related services.
The oil and gas industry is in urgent need of specialised service companies that provide a focused offering to help them meet the increasingly complex technical challenges of extracting the world’s remaining hydrocarbons.

Reservoir Group aims to build a global group of businesses with a technical edge that is focused on the provision of specialist services to the down-hole drilling, completion and production sectors.

The group, backed by the US private equity firm SCF Partners, will identify and acquire niche, independent, technically market-leading companies and offer them the opportunity to grow through the synergies existing within the group.


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