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Infield Systems Limited has been providing accurate, timely and detailed data and information on the worldwide oil and gas industry since 1986. Now widely acknowledged as one of the definitive independent reference sources, Infield Systems has developed a range of databases, publications, mapping and analytical services to assist both senior executives and investors with their business and investment decisions.

Whether supplying mapping or managing raw data for internal company use or providing high-level strategic views on global market developments, or market due diligence, Infield Systems operates with the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and professionalism to get the results companies and investors need. 87% of current Offshore oil and gas field developments involve an Infield Systems Limited client.

Infield is used and trusted by hundreds of organisations, in over 38 countries, ranging from national oil corporations, large E&P companies, insurance companies, stockbrokers, banks, investment groups, equipment manufacturers and supply service groups, through to small investment houses, research and engineering consultants. 90% of Major new specialist offshore vessels have involved Infield analysis and information in the procurement and funding process.

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The Southern African oil & gas sector: analysis and forecast
In this article Infield Systems reviews what is happening in the Southern and Eastern African oil & gas sector, analysing available data on current operations, especially offshore, known opportunities, and analyse the resulting markets. In particular, we describe operations offshore in Namibia, S...
Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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