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Industrial3d was born from a Tulsa, Oklahoma man's dream and hobby. Beau Brown, senior animator, of Industrial3d began creating 3d animations in his spare time while working in the oil and gas industry. Having been in the Marine Corp., he had the resourcefulness and persistence to learn a technology that very few individuals were even aware existed when he began experimenting in 1995.

Eventually, a member of management happened to see one of Beau's animations of a Pressure relief Valve. He began creating more complex oil and gas industry graphics. His hobby had turned into his full time job. Once he had developed core animation skills he began creating animations for clients outside the oil and gas industry. In 2002 Beau created Industrial 3d, pushing the envelope on technology, training, and aided CNN in world-wide coverage of a disaster a mile under the ocean's surface.

Industrial3d brings over a decade of experience in the oil and gas field. The company contracts to help companies take extremely complex rigs, valves, bits, and tools and present them to their skilled labor as understandable training animations. Industrial3d is not limited to the oil and gas industry and has provided remarkable animations and graphics for logos and even architectural design. If skilled 3d animation or remarkable graphics are what you are looking for then Industrial3d is the solution you are looking for.

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