Full company report

IndigoPool, a Schlumberger company, provides proven, effective A&D advisory services to the international oil and gas community. Our worldwide presence offers unique value to clients with international portfolios and to those that aspire to expand internationally.

Our core focus is on helping our clients achieve successful results with their divestitures, farm-outs, and acquisitions - as well as assisting government entities with the marketing of licensing rounds. We carefully adjust our service model for every situation to ensure we add measurable value to the process and provide the greatest chance for success.


Strategy Consultation & Planning

Senior IndigoPool advisors work with our client's team to develop a marketing strategy and execution plan, based on a thorough analysis of the business and technical aspects.

Target Company Sourcing

Our proprietary market intelligence database and global network provide distinct advantages in compiling a list of target companies for farm-outs and divestitures.


IndigoPool can employ far-reaching eMedia marketing capabilities, including our unique eCard, which is currently received by over 17,000 industry professionals associated with nearly 2,000 oil companies, NOCs, financial entities, and consultants located around the world.

Campaign Execution

An experienced project manager ensures the plan is properly executed, communicating closely with the client throughout the process.

Professional Engagement

Making effective contact with the right people in target companies is a critical factor to ensure successful closure. IndigoPool's business development team has extensive experience in the industry, operates worldwide, and - when appropriate and advantageous - leverages the unparalleled global industry network of Schlumberger.