Index Oil & Gas


Index Oil & Gas Limited has been established as an independent and dynamic exploration and production company with an initial focus on identifying and acquiring good value producing properties with significant upside potential. The management believes they can provide a solid foundation for growth and expose shareholders to significant upside. The foundation for this strategy is a focus on establishing growth in its asset base and revenues through investment in the US major offshore and onshore hydrocarbon provinces.

  • Index has been formed at a time when the larger E&P companies are by necessity becoming more cost and income efficient which has resulted in the subsequent divestiture of many production and exploration assets (worldwide)
  • The main focus for Index will be the acquisition of oil and gas fields with significant upside potential (which may no longer fit the portfolios of larger energy companies)
  • Strategy is to establish an early production base, with upside, enabling expansion through cash flow creating the long-term success of the company

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