IPWL was set up in November 2007 and is based in Yorkshire in the UK. The company is headed by Phil Wainwright, Managing Director and Pete Holt, Technical Director. During the past two years, IPWL has designed, developed and tested this piece of innovative orbital welding technology. The firefly is the result of the company's endeavours.

IPWL's innovative technology is specifically designed to provide solutions for orbital pipeline welding applications within the oil, gas, water and petrochemical industries.

The firefly welding bug is IPWL's brand new semi-automatic external pipeline welding machine. The firefly's unique features combine to give you a smarter welding machine that works with you in the most demanding situations.

The firefly, commonly referred to as a ''welding bug'', is designed to meet the most rigorous standards and is particularly suited to applications requiring a high level of weld repeatability.

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