Interactive Exploration Solutions, Inc. (INEXS) provides a complete range of geophysical and geological interpretation consulting services including fully integrated field studies requiring field mapping, undeveloped reserves evaluation, assessment of further drilling potential, full exploration evaluations, designing 3D seismic surveys, seismic data processing and AVO processing. INEXS operates as the project manager for outsourced exploration and development programs for several clients. INEXS has 14 interactive workstations running software from Landmark Graphics, SMT, and Paradigm, and has a full 3D data processing center running software from ProMax and Hampson Russell.

The INEXS staff of geologists and geophysicists have significant experience in the oil industry with a wealth of expertise in the use of computer aided exploration tools. Their combined backgrounds cover experience in all the major petroleum provinces of the world including the United States onshore and offshore basins, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, the U.K.-Norwegian-Dutch-Danish sectors of the North Sea, Italy, West Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Yemen, India, the C.I.S., China, Indonesia and Australia.

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