INDECS provides high quality independent advice to its clients to develop and support an effective Risk Management philosophy.

INDECS is not a broker. It does not transact or arrange insurance and its independence of any broker, insurer or reinsurer enables it to provide objective risk management advice.

Many clients use INDECS as a cost effective Risk Management resource particularly when workloads fluctuate or when timescales are short. The breadth of expertise within the team provides its clients with a unique alternative source of solutions to risk management problems.

INDECS offers its services to clients worldwide.

Risk Solutions

Once identified, risks can be prevented, retained or transferred or, as is often the case, a combination of all three. There is an increasing range of options available to organisations, particularly with the lowering of barriers between the management of traditional insurance and treasury risks.

Risk Assessment

  • The identification and quantification of risks
  • Mapping and analysis techniques

Risk Retention

  • Captive and Rent-a-captive feasibility
  • Industry mutual feasibility, review, audit and management
  • Uninsured loss and deductible management programmes

Risk Transfer

  • Contractual Terms
  • Insurance Products
  • Spread finance
  • Capital Market Solutions

Claims Management

INDECS provides a highlevel advisory service for large and complicated claim issues, as well as creating efficient systems to assist in the processing of routine claims.

INDECS offers a total claims management solution, including:

  • Identifying Claim Issues
  • Claim Preparation
  • Investigating Causation
  • Claim Negotiation with Insurers and Loss Adjusters
  • Loss data collection and analysis (including actuarial, • NPV evaluation and aggregate management)
  • Claims services for captives, mutuals, insurers and self-insurers
  • Third Party administration
  • Management, analysis and presentation of large volumes of claims and other data

Energy Practice

Many organisations are increasingly seeking external solutions to resourcing issues and the provision of expert advice to business groups. The continuing consolidation in the insurance industry is limiting the number of firms in a position to provide truly independent advice.

Out-Sourced and Advisory Services

  • Insurance Administration
  • Project Risk Management
  • Regional Insurance Co-ordination

Insurance Programme Reviews

  • Programme Design, including Structure and Reinsurance
  • Benchmarking
  • Analysis of Coverage
  • Casualty simulation
  • Review of risk allocation and insurance provisions in commercial contracts

Due Diligence

INDECS are regularly engaged on non-recourse and limited recourse projects financings, including many oil and gas, petrochemical and power projects, where we act as advisors on the insurance aspects of the financing. These include some of the largest projects in the world. Our complete independence from the insurance transaction, providing us with a unique role in advising on project risks.

Reporting on the risks to the project

  • The differences in risk assumption between sponsors and lenders
  • The extent to which, each party can best manage those exposures by way on insurance
  • Review of security and access to funds

Reinsurance Strategies

  • Incorporating the use of national markets and captive insurers
  • Design and incorporation of clauses for lenders' protection, including reinsurance assignments and noninvalidation coverage

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